Oil Cleansing

oil cleansing What is “Oil Cleansing”?

      Oil cleansing is a gentle but very effective way to cleanse the face. Our bodies produce to oil to help moisturize, heal, and protect the skin. Mainstream products are filled with chemicals, soap, fragrances,… etc, that “strip” the skin of  its natural oils, resulting in our largest organ (the skin) having to work overtime to repair itself by producing more oil to replace the oil that’s just been stripped away. The result is often an “over production” of oil.

 How can we restore balance?

      We can restore and maintain a balance of oils through the ‘Oil Cleansing Method’. By using an oil to cleanse our face we’re allowing the sebaceous glands to produce the correct amount of oil for the skin on its own.  Oil isn’t our enemy, our skin naturally produces it because it needs it to moisturize and protect the skin so it can function properly.

 How does oil cleanse the face?

     Oil dissolves oil. As you gently massage the oil into your skin it will dissolve the hardened impurities trapped in your pores. Once massaged in the steam from your facecloth will open up the pores allowing dirt and grime to be removed from your face.

 How do I “Oil Cleanse”?

     Apply the desired amount of oil onto the hands and rub it between the hands to warm it up a little. Proceed to gently massage the face working the oil into the skin. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve rubbed it in enough you can begin to prepare your facecloth by soaking or running it under warm water.  We’re not looking for “hot” water, just warm enough to produce steam. Carefully place the warm wash cloth onto the face and let the steam work its magic! Once there is no more steam start to wipe the grime, make-up and impurities of the day off of your face, repeating the procedure once or twice more if you like. Your skin will not only be cleansed but it will glow!

     Your evening spa is now complete! Simply follow with a Nourishing Night Serum or moisturizer of your choice.  You can use this deep cleansing method on a daily basis. Once a day is sufficient working best in the evenings as you need to cleanse your face from the grime you picked up during the day.

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