Honey…how hippy are you willing go?

  “Honey…how hippy are you willing to go,”…my husband replied when he asked why I was taking a bottle of honey into the shower with me! I had told him I was planning on washing my hair with it! Strange, I know. I too was a bit skeptical when first reading that you could use it to wash your hair. You ask me what led me to this crazy idea? My scalp suddenly seemed to be in a phase of “distress”, ( I blame it on the hard water we have over where I live) and conventional shampoo just seemed to be making it worse.

As with starting on any natural cleansing method, it’s by no means a “conventional” way to wash hair, but I would have to say it sure did soothe my terrified scalp! Will I continue using it as a hair wash? Yes, I think I will definitely will add it to my monthly “hair pampering regime!”


Properties in Raw Honey: 

Raw honey has anti-microbial properties that protect the skin and promote healing. Its antioxidant properties are known to help slow down the aging process. Along with that it is antibacterial, anti fungal, and works to protect and moisturize.  Rather importantly it is a humectant — a substance that draws moisture in — just what we want to keep our bodies largest organ hydrated and fed. What more could you want in this miracle substance created by little but very busy – buzzing creatures!

Some Common Benefits & Uses of Honey:

  • To Eat: Honey is a tasty and healthy alternative to sugar. I put it in my porridge, in herbal tea’s, over pancakes, in yogurt etc. My soon to be 3 year old loves it as is on a piece of toast…she’ll take that any day over butter and jam! When my kids are sick I do exactly what my mom used to do, I give them a spoonful of honey with Vitamin C powder. It’s cost effective — and much healthier in my opinion then the flavored jars you find in the kids sections. Honey and cinnamon eaten on a daily basis has been known throughout the centuries to have huge health benefits and can help against colds, heart disease, cholesterol, indigestion…etc.  Numerous studies even suggest eating locally produced honey to attack seasonal allergies.
  • For The Hair: As mentioned above it makes a great “hair pampering” treat or a simple shampoo and conditioning. Simply mix a few tablespoons of honey with a bit of water, apply it to the scalp and wash as you would with your regular shampoo. Watch your hair shine after this one! (more to come on my favorite and economical hair treatments).
  • For The Face: You would be surprised at how nice a honey facial feels. You can apply it straight on and leave for 15 minutes. Or alternatively can mix it with a bit of crushed oats and use it to exfoliate. (this is one of my favorite face scrubs!)

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