Christmas Gift DIY

I’m a big fan of DIY…in case you haven’t noticed by now. Even more of a fan when it comes to little gifts. Maybe it’s because I get a bit confused when going shopping for a gift. The big dilemma always is, “what on earth should I get”? ( I blame that on my indecisive side:-)) Or maybe it’s because I’m looking for that unique kind of gift…a bit of DIY with a personal touch!


The Gift

As I’m into natural skin care I’ve made this little treat for my friends in numerous occasions…and I’m pretty sure they liked it:)  It’s gorgeous, easy, plenty of variations…and makes your skin feel so soft! It’s a Sugar Scrub. You can also do a Salt Scrub. I normally would add this to a gift package of other natural skin care items from my Layali range, but you can also give it on its own if it suits the occasion. Sometimes you may want to just bring a token gift, maybe when going to a friend’s house for a cuppa, or as a gift for your child’s teacher (your child could even assist you in making it), or when attending a dinner party. Or better yet, why not throw a dinner party and send your guests home with one each. The hostess with the mostess! Just saying!

Salt vs Sugar

Some things to take into consideration when choosing to use salt or sugar. Both are fabulous for exfoliation and offer great results. Sugar is a bit more gentle on the skin especially when it comes to dry or sensitive skin. Caster sugar mixed with Olive Oil is my personal choice for a face scrub. Brown cane sugar smells amazing in a hot bath leaving you feeling ever so indulgent!

Salt is excellent in removing dry skin and removing toxins and impurities from the body. It can however be a bit harsher on the skin and dry the skin out a bit.( Not a problem for oily skin.) It has good anti-inflammatory properties, and soothes tired, stressed or cramped muscles. (to name just a few benefits.)

My personal preference is to use salt when soaking in a bath, and sugar when I want to exfoliate my skin. You can use just sugar with oil, or for a bit of decadence add some essential oils, honey to add more moisture to the skin, some lemon or orange rind (a nice festive touch), and a few flower petals for the Cleopatra style!! You can even add a bit of ground oats for added softness. As I said, the variations are endless.

What you need for a basic Sugar Scrub Gift:

All you need is:

  • A jar
  • Your choice of sugar or salt ie: raw, brown, cane, white, caster, granulated sugar or epsom, Himalayan, sea salt.
  • Your choice of carrier oil ie: olive oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil.
  • Your choice of essential oils
  • Honey (optional)
  • Flower petals (optional)
  • A wooden spoon (optional, but a nice addition)
  • Gift wrapping. Plain raffia or a ribbon will do! (not optional…lets remember this is a gift!!)

How it’s done

You’ll be chuffed at how easy peasy this basic sugar scrub is to make. You can get real fancy and creative with your ingredients…here are the basics.

Step 1

Take your jar and fill it 3/4 full with your choice of sugar (I’m using raw cane sugar here)

Step 2

Fill it up with your choice of oil (I’m using Extra Virgin Olive Oil). You want to make sure there is plenty of oil to make it nice and juicy! Remember to mix before using as the oil will settle to the bottom.

Step 3

Add a tablespoon or two of honey

Step 4

Add your choice of essential oil (I’m using Vanilla Oil here) and add your petals if using petals. Lavender is an excellent choice when using a white sugar with some Lavender essential oil. It looks gorgeous as well.

Once done give it a good mix.  Why not add a wooden spoon or spatula for a nice touch. You could include a label with the ingredients and instructions and wrap it in a bit of raffia for a rustic look. Job done!

(You’ll probably want to keep a nice big jar of this for yourself!)

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