What’s inside that jar?

Many a skin care product would claim its product is superior quality to it’s competitor’s, offering you infinite youth and wrinkle-free beauty! You would be happy to spend any large sum on such priceless beauty especially if it promised to wipe away those wrinkles that have been creeping in. But does it speak truth? Or, is it all just a big marketing ploy? Fancy wording, shiny packaging, and scientific “claims” have us believing anything.

Sadly, there is hardly any substance you can smoother onto your face that will reverse wrinkles and the signs of ageing. One which doesn’t require an injection or surgery, that is. Most of the time it will only give the skin a 12-24 hour fix, all the while feeding your skin a bunch of nasty chemicals and synthetic substances, whilst speedily emptying your pockets! Proper diet, plenty of water, and a basic moisturizer all play in the game of keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Not much rocket science there!

The Humble Moisturizer: For centuries many people have had perfectly healthy skin that needs no more care than simply keeping it clean and protecting it from the sun and harsh weather. Gentle cleansing and protection through a simple and natural moisturizer.  I personally prefer to use natural oils and butters to moisturize and protect my skin. They will not only save me loads of money but also avoid my skin having to be attacked with harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Ultra Beauty Balm_edited - Copy

Know Your Ingredients: Knowing your ingredients is crucial when it comes time to choosing a skin care product. If there is a long list of ingredients, especially ones that are hard to pronounce, then they will likely be some synthetic substance that would be doing you more harm rather than good. As far as I’m concerned the only list of names that should be hard to read are the Latin translations (a requirement in labeling). For example: Prunis Dulcis (sweet almond oil). It will usually be written as the above, or with the Latin name in brackets. For example: Sweet Almond Oil (prunis dulcis).

Another good thing to look for is the order of ingredients. The item first on the list is the highest percentage, down to the bottom being the least percentage. So if your cream boasts “Natural/Organic etc…check to see if it’s the ingredient on the bottom of the list or the top. If it say’s for example: Organic Coconut Butter on the top of the list you know you’re buying quality. If your Organic Coconut Butter reads at the bottom of the list with all the other ingredients that are hard to pronounce at the top, then you may as well just throw your money away. Just saying :-)!

100% Natural & Handmade Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Good: Just because it’s expensive it doesn’t mean the product is superior. Branding is often the result of high prices and can fool you into thinking it’s superior to a more unknown brand name or simpler looking container. What’s inside is way more important, and this is where knowing your ingredients will help you make an informed decision on whether the product is worth your pretty penny or not.

Shelf life & Preservatives: In the world of skin care, generally speaking, a preservative would be required for any pot of cream, soap, or liquid that contains water. Without it the product would only last a couple of day’s or weeks without going bad, growing fungi and microbes. This is how the world of preservatives began. Little did we know that what was killing the bad stuff to help preserve that product and give it a “shelf-life”, was also going to give us a plethora of other skin problems and health issues.

An anhydrous (contains no water) product, usually in the form of a natural balm or oil serum, would not need a preservative and would most likely have a shelf-life of about 6-12 months. When in search of a product with shelf life, I believe in going for the one that does well “naturally” instead of the one that has to be filled with chemicals.

As the rule is with food, “Fresh is Best”. Shelf life, should only be till its natural “sell-by-date”, otherwise it shouldn’t be put in the body or on the skin.

What’s in your pot of cream?

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