20 minute’s is all you need.

The journey of staying fit can be our worst nightmare or bring us sheer enjoyment. (Hopefully the latter) But what are the tricks to breaking that cycle of feeling lazy, unchallenged and basically making every excuse of why we can’t exercise? Personally, I think the secret is consistency. Finding ways to stay active throughout the day as well as making time for 20 minutes of something a bit more intense. If the thought of having to fit in an hour or more of exercise everyday feels a bit overwhelming, discouraging, or impossible, then maybe try aiming a little lower that way your sure to hit in your target instead of avoiding it altogether. 

I believe that no matter what job we have or how busy our schedule is, there is always a way to fit in a quick workout. After all if we can make time for a bit of television or social browsing then surely we can squeeze in just 20 minutes!  Once we make that 20 minutes a daily habit, the rest will fall into place, we’ll feel better, more confident, eat the right food and feel invincible! 


Easy Ways to stay active:

  • Walk — Never underestimate the effectiveness of walking, and choose it whenever you can. If you need to pop out for milk or the newspaper, instead of driving, walk. Choose to walk to drop off the kids, or if you live a bit further away why not walk back from school with them at least 3 times a week.
  •  Stairs — Always take the stairs, never the elevator if you can help it.
  • Clean — Deep cleaning, scrubbing the floor, or sweeping and mopping daily will give you some serious easy exercise. And did I mention a clean house?! Even better. That in itself takes a good 20 minutes. I’m not encouraging “obsessive” cleaning on a daily basis (although if that works for you!), just in case your wondering, only a bit of elbow grease to help keep you active and motivated.

The 20 minute daily workout:

  • It takes dedication, and motivation – plain and simple.
  • If your a morning person then give yourself a bit more time before getting on with your day to fit in a quick workout whether it’s a quick jog, yoga, the gym etc…let’s remember I’m talking about only 20 minutes!
  • As a busy mom at home, lets face it, when do we ever get a moments break? Actually, we can in fact still find the time. The kids would love to watch mommy doing some crazy stuff, or if you have kids like mine that love to join you for a bit of yoga or dancing , even better for all of you.
  • If you go to work, or not a morning person, and you prefer instead to work out later in the day, then fit in that jog the minute you come home from work. 

Still haven’t found the time?

So by now you’ve come to the end of the day, you may or may not have fit in your 20 minutes already, but you really want to watch that  episode of your favorite show. Fret not, you can do both! While watching your show why not drop down and do a few reps of crunches, lunges, push-ups,  and finish with a bit of stretching. Job done! 

Once you find a “practical” consistency, fitness and a healthy body is easy from there. 20 minutes a day is way better than doing nothing at all!

Not sure what exercise to do and need a bit of guidance? 

I am a happy fan of “youtube” and it’s vast array of exercise video’s. There are so many quick work-outs to do in just about every style. I like to mix it up a bit just to keep it fun. You can do them from your phone, tablet or PC right in the comfort of your own home.  Some of my favorites include:

Yoga- by Tara Stiles or Rodney Yee

Pilates – by efit30

Full body workouts – by Fitness Blender

Have you done your 20 minutes today? 

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