Calorie Density Awareness for Preventing Weight Gain

Here is something to think about –Calorie Density and Liquid Calories…what is that exactly?

If I told you that eating this tiny little handful of cherry gummy’s (100 gr) …



Was the same as eating this amount of baby potatoes (half a kilo)…




What would you think?

Or more like, would you (much less a child) be even able to eat that many potatoes in one go the way you  could  probably eat the whole bag (200 gr) of sweets? My answer would be …”of course I could easily and quite quickly eat a whole 200 gr  bag of cherry gummy’s,  but there would be no way I could eat a kilo of baby potatoes much less in the same amount of time it would take me to eat the cherry gummy’s “! I’m not even beginning to talk about the other sweets that are covered in sugar, or filled with sugar (this one seemed like the lesser of the evil). 

Lets not forget those liquid calories in soda’s, decadent flavored coffee’s, even fruit juices and  fruit drinks, etc. Calorie density is something to take into consideration when trying to maintain weight gain. 

Now, as I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m not a calorie counter (if you are and it works for you, then well done!)  I don’t really have the time or patience to obsess about my food any more than I already do. There are goodies right and left that I have to consciously say “No thanks” to, which keeps me busy enough! Not to mention the “No Thank You’s” to junk that I have to say as a mommy daily to my darling children–and they’re pretty healthy eaters!

Sticking to the basics, avoiding junk, eating healthy — basically just making the right food choices balanced off by a few “treats” here and there, works fine for me in this day and age, and is the motto I live by.  Having said that, being consciously aware of “Calorie Density”, does help keep me in check when “making-the-right-food-choices”. 

Of course there are good foods high in calorie density, such as, avocado’s, nuts etc, which are very good for you…but I’m not talking right now about good calories,  I’m talking about  bad calories, calories harmful to the body foods that we should probably avoid, or at least save for a special occasion.  Sugar is such a killer on every level, scoring very high in the cause of obesity and weight gain,  even more so when it comes to what we’re putting in our children’s mouths or eating on our lunch break.

Got me thinking! How about you? 

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