Beauty Benefits of Including Coffee in your Skincare Regime

This post comes from a personal “motherhood-tips-and-tricks” department (but it’s equally beneficial for anyone interested in anti-ageing, anti-cellulite, anti-sagging, etc).


It’s no secret that your body changes after having a baby either from pregnancy or breastfeeding. As a proud mom of 3 gorgeous children…

Kiera 8yrs, Kaitlyn 3 yrs, Ethan 1 yr

…I wouldn’t exchange it for the world!  It’s something that we as women just have to deal with and it’s a constant struggle to find the right balance of “mommy life” as well as taking care of our body, dealing with exhaustion, while also re-discovering the new “us”.  To be very honest I can’t say I enjoy pregnancy very much…not that I ever had any complications, my complaint would be that all 3 of my children were rather XXL “buns in my oven”!

Here’s what I mean by big (yes all born naturally!)–

Baby #1= 4.46 kg

Baby #2= 4.42 kg

Baby #3= 4.92 kg

Post Pregnancy Challenges:

Having mentioned the above sizes you can imagine how stretched out my very protruding belly got each time.  I felt so heavy from the 2nd trimester on! I love my exercise and the freedom to move around freely and quickly, so pregnancy (especially at this caliber) proved each time to be a rather tedious task for me. After having a baby my focus is not really to lose weight quickly, as that all comes into place with time and breastfeeding, etc. I like to take my time getting to know the baby and allow my “insides” to get back into place before engaging in any heavy-duty exercise. Rapid weight-loss is another cause of stretch marks, so it’s a good idea to give yourself about 3 months to get back to pre-pregnancy weight instead of looking to shed the kilo’s immediately. I try to be extremely cautious on healthy eating while pregnant to avoid unnecessary weight gain and stretch marks, as well as very religious about applying plenty of Belly Butter to my hips, bumps and thighs! While I don’t get stretch marks (there may be one or two subtle ones towards around the bellybutton area) my rather large balloon deflates and leaves a bit of the dreaded “sag”! 

I’m sure there are other women out there who are experiencing these very same challenges, whether it’s from having babies, or from rapid weight-loss, or even just concerns of sagging aging skin. Whatever the case may be, my story is what lead me to write up a post on the different things to do to minimize the appearance of sagging skin! I’ve narrowed them down to 3 things.

 3 Tips to Minimize Sagging Skin:

  1. Exfoliate: Tummy, legs, hips, thighs…basically all over the body. (While we’re at it lets not forget gentle scrubbing on the face and neck area).
  2. Do muscle toning exercises: Lots and lots of crunches for the stomach area, and core building exercises for the whole body. Building muscle under the skin allows the skin to have something to stick to after losing weight preventing the extra “sag”.
  3. Apply a skin firming cream/oil: Below is a tutorial for a natural skin firming oil or salve using only 2 or 3 ingredients–coffee, oil, and beeswax.

3 Beauty Benefits of including Coffee in your Skin Care :

Many high-end skin care ingredients for skin firming or anti ageing contain caffeine. (Bear in mind some of them may be a synthetic version) You can easily make a product that is safe and effective by using a few of the ingredients from your kitchen. My kind of thing!

  1. Antioxidant: Coffee is full of antioxidants which is why it’s fantastic to prevent premature skin aging.
  2. Anti inflammatory/Dehydrator: Great to put under puffy eyes! Similar to how it works for puffy eyes, it also helps sagging skin by drawing out excess liquid from the skin leaving it firm and smooth.
  3. Exfoliator: Lastly it makes a gentle and effective exfoliator for all over the body (except the face)–good way to recycle those used coffee grinds!

Here is a Tutorial for an easy Coffee Oil or Salve for your Skin:

You will need:

  • A sterilized dry jar (a trip in the dishwasher will suffice)
  • Your choice of carrier oil: olive, sunflower, almond etc.
  • Fresh ground coffee
  • Beeswax (You can buy this at your local health food store. It will probably come in a little block so get out your grater!))


To make an infusion:


To get your Coffee Oil or Salve you’ll first need to make a coffee oil infusion. There are two ways to do this. Start off with about 1 cup of coffee grinds for 2 cups of oil.

Option #1 Put both ingredients in your clean jar and leave for 1-2 weeks shaking once or twice a day.

Option#2 If you really can’t wait 1-2 weeks you can put both ingredients in a Ban Marie/double boiler (glass bowl OVER a pot of water on the stove) on VERY LOW HEAT. You want the water to barely simmer, ensuring the oil doesn’t get too hot losing all it’s important properties. Leave it there for about 15-2o min until you see the oil change color.

This is option #1

I personally would go with option #1 to just let it take it’s time to form a potent concoction! When infused strain with a cheese cloth or coffee filter.

At this stage, it would be your Coffee Oil that you can go ahead and apply to your skin as is –or you can make it into a Salve if your able to find a bit of beeswax.

For a Salve:

In a ban marie/bouble boiler melt:

  • 1/4 cup of strained infused coffee oil
  • 2 tsp beeswax

Stir well until the wax is completely melted. Allow to cool slightly (but not too long as it will get solid pretty fast) before pouring into your jar.

One thought on “Beauty Benefits of Including Coffee in your Skincare Regime

  1. Anna

    Apart from your wonderful kids, most of the information in your article was quite new to me and very fascinating! Can’t wait to try it!


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