HIIT — A Workout to Suit The Busy Mom

I know, I’m always going on about how even 20 minute’s of exercise a day is better than doing nothing at all. And this is where HIIT fits in! It’s the perfect solution for those days when there is no time for exercise…or maybe for those days where we think we have no time?

HIIT blog post

You may be like me, a busy mom at home who is trying to juggle the daily domestic tasks, whilst keeping the larger “tsunami” type messes the kids make under control, all the while trying to keep an eye on them making sure they’re not getting into anything they shouldn’t be getting into . Yes, as I type this, my 1-year-old boy is currently with toothpaste in mouth, eating it like it’s nobody’s business (wait, didn’t I just feed him lunch?!). Speaking from a “day in a mom’s life” point of view, we all know how tiring motherhood can be, with not many opportunities to sit down or even enjoy a cup of coffee in peace! You’re probably reading this thinking…”and you want us to still fit in exercise, much less have the energy to exercise“?  Yup!

What is HIIT? 

HIIT — High Intensity Interval Training. It would describe any workout that uses intense intervals of exercise (feeling the burn!) pushing your body to work its maximum, followed by less-intense intervals or even complete rest. It increases the body’s need for oxygen during the intense intervals, causing an oxygen shortage which then drives the body to demand more oxygen during recovery(continued calorie burn for the next 24 hours,yay!) It trains both the aerobic an anaerobic system, providing a challenging, yet highly effective workout. And guess what the best part about it is? You don’t need to spend hours at it…even just 10 minute’s will do the trick! Sounds appealing? (You now also have a way to work off those indulgent buffet dinners while on holiday!)

7 Benefits of High Intensive Interval Training: 

  1. It’s fast and efficient – We’ve established that the best part is that it’s a quick workout. Better “gain” for “pain“. In other words, “quality” not “quantity“. With this workout you can pretty much find the time to do it on any given day and at any time of the day. You can fit it in right after school drop off, or when at the park with your kids. If you work, try waking up just 15 minutes earlier to fit it in…or try squeezing it into your lunch break.
  2. Limits muscle loss – On a typical “steady-cardio” training type workout, plenty of muscle mass loss would likely occur along with the fat loss. This type of training allows the body to retain that hard-earned muscle, and instead deplete the “fat-stores” in the weight loss department.
  3. No equipment needed– You can do a full HIIT workout without the use of any equipment, using only your body weight.
  4. Continues to burn fat post workout – Here is where your metabolism gets a boost. Since the body pushed its limits during the intense intervals it used up “extra” oxygen causing the body to go into an oxygen “debt”. The body now has to recover (get back to normal) which keeps your metabolism pumped for hours (burning more calories for the next 24 hrs)
  5. Challenging – The words “High” and “Intensive” aren’t for no reason. If you’re able to sit and read a book doing exercise than you’re probably not really exercising in my opinion.  The muscles in our body needs to be constantly challenged in order to progress. With this type of training you can guarantee to wake up in the morning sore each time.
  6. Not boring -This part is important to me…as much as I love exercise, I get bored with doing the same thing. With HIIT your workout regime can be anything from sprinting and doing walking lunges at the park, to burpees and squats in your living room. Let’s not forget that good old plank…while at work…just to impress everyone!
  7. Burns more calories – 15 minute’s of this type of intensity will have you burning more calories than 1 hr on the treadmill!

5  HIIT Movements Using Body Weight Alone:

Jump Squats – Have feet shoulder width apart. Sit down into a squat (making sure knee’s are right above the ankles) and lift up with a gentle jump before returning to squat position.

Burpees – Start in standing position. Drop down to the ground pushing legs back into a push up position. Quickly jump feet forward to the hands, lifting up the body into a jump before repeating the drop down to push up position.

Plank Jumps – Begin in plank (push up position). Quickly jump feet forward towards the hands (keep hands on the ground at all times) and back into plank. (push-up)

V ups – Lie down with back to the floor and arms over head touching the floor. With straight legs and arms, reach up together with a crunch to meet in the middle.

Walking Lunges – Take a step forward with your right leg dropping down into a lunge (remember knee above ankle, not over). As you stand instantly bring the left leg up stepping forward into a lunge. Repeat.

To get you started:

Recently I’ve been enjoying workouts from this one channel on youtube called “xhit daily“. They have a wide variety of short to long workouts for the whole body, or for that 5 minute daily abs! Click here to do try out one of their HIIT work outs.

“Fitness Blender” also have several HIIT workouts. Click here for one of their beginner workouts.

They are perfect for both men and women. Why not give it a try.

Did you HIIT it hard today?

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