Color Therapy – Color Me Beautiful!


What is Color Therapy?

Color therapy is part of a range of “Holistic Therapies” – a type of alternative healing based on color, to create balance and health in the human system.

Have you ever woken up and put on an outfit with a color you thought looked great on you one day but on this particular day it just doesn’t seem to be working?  This is where I believe color therapy has definitely been at play. Different colors can indicate a feeling, a mood, a longing for. I love colors in nature, on my plate, in my house, etc. They’re powerful and definitely show how I feel.

The 7 Colors of the Rainbow and Their Meaning’s :

Red – hot, vitality, stimulating, passion, awakening, love, luck.

Orange –  joy, creativity, warmth, humor, fitness, motivation, success.

Yellowmental activity, learning, caution, forgiveness, friendship, optimism, wisdom.

Greensedative, new beginnings, harmony, calming, adventurous, cleanliness, environment.

Blue deep inner peace, openess, restful, calming, balance, confidence, tenderness.

Indigoinner power, intuition, “6th sense”, wisdom, impartiality, fairness, defending.

Violet beauty, meditation inspiration, spirituality, inner emotional release, passiveness, quietness, intuition.

3 Ways For Everyday Color Therapy:

Gardening – My kind of everyday color therapy these days has been in the garden. From mowing that green grass, to potting my flowers eagerly watching them bloom!  I’m obsessed with taking photo’s of each flower, observing their intricacy and vibrant colors. Yes, it’s official, I have gone mad!

Kitchen – A colorful plate of food is way more appetizing to me, and so I consciously try to prepare my meals with an assortment of colors. Strangely enough, when I’m having a bit of an “off day” I get real frustrated as I end up with a plate full of one big mushy color (my husband will know what I’m talking about). I’m usually totally unimpressed with what I’ve just made, apologizing for the lack of flavors and textures! I just leaves me feeling a bit unbalanced. (Did I mention I was a Libra :-))

Home – I’d have to say that my husband I are quite partial to orange. When out choosing home decor, or when trying to choose an interesting souvenir from our travels, it’s always orange! Orange is responsibly for warmth and creativity…maybe this is what gives me the need for DIY…it’s got my creative juices going!!

Home Therapy Project:

Here is an interesting home project to do. Take a blank canvas and an assortment of color paints. You can replace this with a piece of paper and markers, or crayons. I like the idea of a canvas and paint, as it just seems even more therapeutic and interesting. Start by choosing a color that first pops out to you. Did it indicate the mood you were in? Next choose a different color specific to a feeling you would like to have. Did it change the mood you were in initially?

What color are you drawn toward most? If you feel sad, frustrated, or unhappy look to the colors of nature for the best and totally “free” therapy! Remember the colors of the rainbow and how it makes you feel every time it graces us with its presence.

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