Cork Heart DIY

If you’re like me and love collecting “real” corks, then you may be looking for something to make with them. There are so many projects you can make for your house or as gifts, and the deep crimson reds look absolutely gorgeous, vintage, and elegant! I find it amazing how many different colors you get with each cork, no two are the same. I couldn’t wait to get started with this cute little heart, and I love how it turned out. Once finished I hung it on my front door, but you can also hang it anywhere in the house. I believe this is the start of all things cork for me!!!

 You will need:

  • cardboard box
  • scissors/xacto knife
  • strong craft glue/glue gun
  • real cork from red wine (to make my heart I used 68 corks)
  • your choice color of ribbon

P1040479-002Step 1:

In this tutorial I’ll be using basic items that most people have in their cupboards. But if you’re already into crafts then you probably have a glue gun and could possibly skip the cardboard part altogether, as it’s really just to make the heart stronger and a bit easier to work with when you’re putting the shape together.

To begin start by designing your heart shape onto the cardboard making 2 lines of cork.  I started with the outer circle using 36 corks, and then filled in the inner circle with 32 corks. Of course if you don’t have that many corks or want to make it smaller you can use however many you would like.

Quick tip: try to choose corks with a similar size. It will be easier to glue together and will a lot more even.

Step 2:

After you have laid out your heart draw a rough line around it and cut out your heart. If you have a really good pair of scissors then work away with that. I personally found the xacto knife much easier to work with, and had a smoother finish. If you like the look of the cardboard frame then you can make a line right around your heart. I personally didn’t want to see the frame sticking out so I cut my frame just under the width of 2 corks so that it would be as invisible as possible.

Step 3:

Time to get sticky! I used a type of strong PVA craft glue that is white but dries colorless. I put plenty of glue on the bottom of the cork as well as a thin line of glue on each side that touched the next cork. You can also add more glue in the end if you think you missed a bit. Leave it to dry for a good few hours, preferably overnight. This way you don’t get urge to fiddle with it 🙂


 Step 4:

Choose your choice color of ribbon…I used a crimson raffia which I unraveled and doubled up  as I wanted it to be a bit thicker.

This cute little cork heart is ready to hang! Job done!!


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