3 Reasons to Get Sprouting!


Sprouts are some of the cheapest and very convenient, ” super foods” that are often overlooked by the more flashy “high-fashion” health foods. In relation to vegetables, they are essentially “live” vegetables. Once a vegetable is picked the nutritional value starts to decline, a bean sprout however retains its nutrients until eaten.

Here are 3 Simple Reasons to add sprouts to your Daily Diet:

  1. “Super” food – Sprouts are little living plants, they are alkaline, packed with highly concentrated enzymes, full of minerals and vitamins, and a fantastic rich source of protein. They contain a good amount of fiber, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc.
  2. Health Benefits –  Bean Sprouts have been used for centuries in the health food department, they are easily digestible and are the true “food supplements”. With all the high vitamin and mineral content they provide a skin anti aging effect, and assist in healthy hair growth. Sprouts do wonders for the intestinal tract relieving the signs of constipation due to their high fiber content. They also provide readily available energy which help fight the signs of mental and physical stress and tiredness.
  3. Economical Way To Get Your Vegetables – Sprouts can be grown all year around providing you with a very economic and convenient way of getting your vegetables. They are easily available to all sections of society all over the world.

DIY Sprouting:

I love growing my own sprouts, it’s so easy and fun and about half the cost of store bought sprouts, so why not! At the moment I’m using a medium sized jar, as it’s practical and takes up no space at all. Here is how I do it!

Step 1: A Jar

I found this very simple and small jar contraption at my local health food store. It’s basically an ordinary jar with a lid full of holes and a stand to hold it up. There are bigger tray containers available on the market as well. And the next step up from that would be a tray with soil. I think the jar is a good place to start, you could even make your own DIY jar –A big jar with a cheese cloth on top fastened down with a rubber band. The important thing when making your own contraption is to make sure you have the jar upside on a slant this way the water can drain out easily.


Step 2: Seeds

Now for the important part…the seeds! You can also get your seeds and grains from your local health food store. Alfalfa, mung bean, and sunflowers are a great place to start.

Step 3: Soaking time

Start by putting a tablespoon or 2 of seeds in the jar and let it soak in water for several hours. This wakes these “dormant” super foods up! Fascinating!  I leave mine overnight just to make it simpler. The next morning drain and place upside down and leave it in a nice sunny spot.

Step 4: Rinse daily

All you have to do now is rinse and drain twice a day until they become nice little plants! Depending on your climate this process can take up to 10 day’s.  Once fully sprouted into little plants, store in your fridge.

Step 5: Eat

I love the juicy, crunchy, nutty flavors in sprouts. I put them in sandwiches, stir fries, salads, wraps. It’s best to eat them raw to ensure you get the most nutrients out from them.

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