7 Habits For Healthy Living

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Here are 7 Habits for the Mind, Body & Soul that I try to put into daily practice, allowing me to feel fulfilled and healthy!

For The Mind:

1. Get Some Color Therapy – Go for a walk and see the colors of nature, the sky, the sea, the earth. Putting all thoughts aside, focus only on your surroundings. Each time your mind starts to wonder put those thoughts on hold for at least 10-15 minutes.

2. Exercise –  Exercise isn’t just for the body — it’s for the mind. One type of exercise that hands down has all that has to be Yoga. Before the kids wake up — when all is quiet– I start each day with around 20 minute’s of yoga. It’s not only great exercise for my body but it puts my mind in a good calm place, and helps me face the days challenges. I just can’t get enough of it!

3. Engage in a Recreational Activity/Hobby – Aim to do at least a half hour of a project, house DIY, or even a puzzle in your free time or before slumping on the couch and watching TV. Getting creative puts the mind in a positive and productive state. You’ll feel better and may even ditch the TV altogether!

For The Body:

4. Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables – Along with eating your fruit and veg, try substituting sweets & treats for a juicy piece of fruit. If you’re bored with your typical choice of fruit mix it up by having interesting fruits on your fruit bowl instead of the usual. Remember it’s your “treat” so get creative and adventurous, there is so much to choose from!

5. Drink Your Water – Substitute soda’s and juices for simple plain water. Even better, try adding a little lemon, or apple cider vinegar for added benefit, flavor and optimal absorption.  I like to keep a big bottle of water with a few drops of cider vinegar right on my kitchen counter that I can sip away at it during the day, and this way I also know I’m getting in my recommended 8 cups! I also never leave the house without a bottle of water. It’s just a habit I’ve formed maybe from my years of living in Africa where clean water wasn’t available and the only options were soda’s. I also have 3 thirsty kids that I like to be ready for at all times this way I avoid the expense of buying something when out or having to give in to something I prefer they didn’t drink.

For The Soul:

6. Do a Kind Deed – Help a person in need whatever it may be, smile at a passerby, clean up dog poop or garbage in your local area, stop for a broken down car on the road and ask if they need help. My sweet husband know’s the drill, anytime we see someone with a flat tire I insist we stop and help (okay I’ll admit he’s the one doing the work!), I just know that if it were me on the side of the road I would definitely appreciate a helping hand! Nothing feels more satisfying then going out of your way to help someone.

7. Get Inspired –  Read a motivational quote, make a list for personal improvements, watch a beautiful song, read a touching story — just about anything that speaks to your soul and makes you want to be a better person! Seeing the troubles others have in life allows you to be content and thankful for what you’ve been blessed with.

If you can make any of these 7 simple habits a daily routine you’ll feel good to know that you’re on the road to Happy Healthy Living!

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