Midnight Goal Setting

P1040332It’s 1:00 in the morning and I’m wide awake! I should have gone straight to sleep as I’m exhausted after spending a whole day being physically active. I scrubbed my house from the inside out, mowed the lawn, dug out the weeds, and did the back bending job of scrubbing every inch of my patio. Not to mention running around after my 3 kids, seeing to their every needs! I even fit in a whole hour of exercise, yay! I decided to wind down in front of the TV with a glass of red wine (I did drop down on the carpet for a few stretches and yoga poses that I’ve been working on, while watching my program). I am in bed now, very tired, but my mind is racing. Being a mother can sometimes give you mixed feelings. It’s a complete joy to watch your kids grow, but I suppose there are elements in my day where I feel like I’m just running around in circles taking care of things and “maintaining” a clean house and healthy kids. It can be physically overwhelming at times, but mentally a little un-challenging and frustrating. Finding that balance of “me time”, and personal accomplishments can be tricky. I’m sure every mom out there knows this feeling. I imagine it’s the case for just about anyone really, those with or without kids who may experience a job or daily routine that seems to just spin in circles, repeating the process continuously.

I’ve continued writing this post this morning as I ended up falling asleep 🙂 You want to know what did the trick? I ended up falling asleep making goals that I would like to accomplish within the next few months. Personal goals and small accomplishments just for me, something to keep me challenged, to make me feel like I’m getting somewhere and doing something for “me time”. It’s always important to have goals, something to visualize, work towards, and get that feeling of accomplishment!

The Definition of Goal:

According to the Oxford dictionary the definition of goal is: The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. The destination of a journey.  A point marking the end of a race. 

3 Tips for Goal Setting:

  • Be realistic – Set realistic goals that you know are achievable, with 1 or 2 being a harder challenge, maybe even a long-term goal.
  • Mark a time of completion – You can stagger the completion of goals so you avoid feeling overwhelmed or pressured to complete all at once,  what’s important is to set a time of completion this way it gets you in gear.
  • Make it a challenge – Set a goal that is realistic yet a challenge. This could be a physical goal such as fitness related, weight-loss, or anything that would be a little bit outside of your comfort zone.

My 3 Goals For The Next 6 months:

I set these 3 personal goals for myself as I was falling asleep. I felt this sudden release of frustration when I visualized completing them.  I chose one for my mind, one for my body, and one for my soul. I’d like to share them with you!

  1. Mind – I always like to keep my mind challenged by either doing some research on a subject, or studying distance learning courses from home. So I recently signed up for another study course that I hope to finish in 6 months! I’m given 12 months to complete but I hope to do it in half as long.
  2. Body – This may sound funny and very random, but I hope to master the splits again to help improve my yoga (the last time I could do them was when I was 18, no pressure!). This is the goal that will be a physical challenge for me, as I have to be dedicated, determined and very cautious! I’ll keep you posted in 6 months of my progress.
  3. Soul – While pregnant with my last baby I decided that I wanted to help other mothers who struggle or don’t have the support with breastfeeding their precious newborn. It’s something that I have a bit of experience with and have a passion for. Breastfeeding for both the experienced and inexperienced can be challenging, so I believe in getting all the support possible. At the time I contacted a few different support groups to see how I could help, but as it turned out I realized that I would probably have to wait till my baby was born and several months old. This is my 3rd goal, to be able to be of assistance to several expecting mothers in my area.

 I believe goal setting is very necessary as it takes the “bore” out of life’s daily chores, allowing us to feel like we’re always accomplishing something on a daily basis, keeping Mind, Body & Soul challenged!

Do you have any goals you would like to share? Remember no goal is too small or unimportant. xxx

3 thoughts on “Midnight Goal Setting

  1. Anna

    I’m the same!!!! So wide awake till I make peace with my mind…like you did. Very good and pretty realistic goals…thank you for this very personal, sincere and thought provoking post


  2. Lara dear, this is a beautiful post and very helpful resolution! The first step is setting the goals – I have a hard time persevering till I reach a personal goal (work-related ones are different, you have the urgency of completing those tasks). Do you have any tips on that – how to persevere till you reach a personal goal, remind yourself, etc.? Would love to hear from you on that!


    1. Hi Mag Rayne, very pleased you like my post as this was a very personal and important post for me! Personal challenges are always hard as it’s human nature to put personal progress on “hold” for other tasks we think are more important. What we fail to realize is that if we’re not making personal progress we will struggle being 100% effective in life’s work goals. For me personally, the way I persevere with my personal goals is every time I have a low moment (yes it can be daily!) or feel that small unfulfilled feeling deep in side, this is when I say “right, time to work on me!” I take as little as 5 minute’s to work on any one of my personal goals from my list, and I instantly feel reminded of why I made the list in the first place as I feel accomplished. It is a muscle that we have to grow and work hard at, but even just doing it for 5 minute’s will help us reach satisfactory progress. This is the whole focus of goal setting! xx Lara


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