The “Luscious Hair Guide” – by Two Sisters

Here is a quick guide for hair maintainance or for those of you who may be trying to grow your hair out. Bad hair day’s aside, healthy looking hair can be obtained through natural, simple and easy steps.  Weak and brittle hair is often the result of health problems, poor diet and the overuse of chemicals, so you may be doing everything just fine on the outside, but as with anything if the inside is suffering chances are the outside will be suffering too.

That blonde haired beauty is my gorgeous and eldest daughter Kiera! Her hair is fairly straight, and relatively thick. Yup, you guessed it…she gets called Rapunzel a lot!


 This is me! I have thick wavy hair. Because it’s heavy I prefer to keep it quite layered and not too long because it’s heavy!

I’ve put together a list of 10 things that I do and don’t do when it comes to my hair and my daughters hair. I like the ease of keeping it natural and simple, using little to no chemicals and only trimming the ends every couple of months.

My 10 Simple Rules For Natural Hair Care:

  1. Scalp massage – I like to give my scalp a nice massage once every week or every other week using natural oils (coconut, olive, castor) and hair masks (egg, avocado, honey).
  2. Minimize or eliminate heating toy’s – Straightening or curling with a hot iron should be the exception as it really does some serious damage to the hair. When I do use a straightener (I probably use it 1-2 times per year!) I make sure my hair is totally dry or better yet after a couple day’s of washing this way it has some natural oils to protect the hair from the heat.
  3. Natural hair dye’s – Bleaches and permanent dye’s are so bad for the hair not to mention the chemicals the body is absorbing through them. I personally use henna every several months mainly to give the color a bit more life and vibrancy as it can tend fade a bit with the sun. Semi permanent dye’s are also a better option then permanent, and the same goes for choosing highlights as opposed to bleach.
  4. Rinse with cold water and vinegar rinse – Vinegar restores ph balance, and rinsing with cold water gives it a nice healthy shine! It also helps eliminate a dry scalp.
  5. Air dry – I always let my hair “air dry” only pulling out my hair dryer occasionally when it’s freezing cold.
  6. Use hairspray occasionally – Hair sprays are terrible for the hair not to mention breathing it, so I only use it when absolutely necessary or for special occasions.
  7. Wash maximum 1-2 times weekly – Not washing your hair too often allows a balance of natural oil production, avoiding  greasy or dry hair.
  8. Don’t use conditioner on scalp – Conditioner on the scalp creates product build up, which can interfere with hair growth. If your hair is curly or very dry, opt to use pure coconut oil instead of conditioner on the scalp.
  9. Choose a natural shampoo – Low foam means natural, don’t worry your hair doesn’t need suds to get clean!
  10. Feed your hair from the inside – Eating a healthy diet full of minerals, vitamins, and proteins will have a huge impact on your hair health and growth.


This is my sister! Check out those luscious locks…need I say more!!

My Sisters Tips for Curly Hair:

  • There are only 3 things I use on my hair – conditioner, shampoo, and a wide-tooth wooden comb.
  • Curly hair should be washed about once a week (twice at most) – That squeaky-clean look is actually very detrimental to your hair as it means that you’ve stripped it of all natural oils and outer protective layer. Not a good idea in the long run.
  • Never brush your hair—ever! Only use a comb when washing.
  • When washing, use two types of conditioners –  The first one is actually what you will use as a protective “pre-conditioner” for your hair, that way when you get down to shampooing it you won’t wreck it as much. The second is a “leave in” conditioner, which leaves a protective layer around it.

 How I Wash My Curly Hair:

Step 1 Get your hair wet. It’s easier said than done. 🙂

Step 2 Put a small amount of conditioner on the scalp (coconut oil) and the part of the hair closest to the scalp. Massage for a minute and then rinse out.

Step 3 Shampoo your hair ONCE and once only. Rinse well.  DO NOT, I beg of you, squeeze, wring, or dry your hair with a towel. I know you think you should be doing that, but you are only wrecking your hair and preventing it from growing. Let your hair drip dry all the way.

Step 4 Take your “leave in” conditioner, one that is ultra moisturizing and dedicated to curly, frizzy, or very dry hair. Take your time and experiment on the amount you need for your length of hair. It’s better to err on the side of too much than too little. Trust me, you need way more than you think. Put a good amount of conditioner on all your hair except for the scalp. This is very important as you won’t be rinsing this conditioner out, and you really don’t want product build-up on your scalp.

Step 5 After having slathered a generous amount of conditioner on your hair, take out your wide-tooth wooden comb and—starting from the BOTTOM, work your way up slowly and gently a bit at a time. Enjoy the feeling, because that’s the only time you will be combing it until your next wash hair wash. Take a nice large towel to drape on your shoulders as your hair air dries.

Freshening Up Your hair:

While everyone else gets to take a brush to their hair to make it look good, I’m afraid you and I have a bit more hassle than that. It’s either wash your hair, or wet your hair just a teeny bit, put a small amount of conditioner on your palms, and then gently squeeze your hair all over. In other words, get your palms “wet” with conditioner, place them at the bottom of your curls, and scrunch them up to near your scalp. Think accordion. Do this in different places until you are satisfied with the overall look. That’s it. Enjoy and revel in your curly hair—others will. 🙂

More to come on hair do’s and cuts!

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