5 Handmade Beauty Essentials #1. Carrier Oil/Base Oil

sweert almond oilNatural skin care is not only better for your skin, but costs less, is fun to make, and gives you the opportunity to be “chemical-free!” Convinced at all? I promise you that once you start on the path of natural skin care you will never go back! Of course there are plenty of products out there that are 100% natural for purchase (Layali Skin care is very good:-) — but if you’re like me and like a bit of DIY then here is my list of 5 Handmade Beauty Essentials to get you started. I’ll be posting them in 5 different posts so be sure to stay reading!

When compiling what my 5 essentials would consist of my list became larger and larger as there are so many that I find essential or that I love to use. I decided to narrow it down to what is easy to find in a local supermarket or in a basic health store.

 What is a Carrier Oil?

A carrier oil is both a base oil or vegetable oil. They help to dilute essential oils and absolutes so they can be safely applied to the skin. If applied to the skin undiluted, essential oils and absolutes can cause severe irritation or reactions in some individuals even though they are natural. Carrier oils also provide nourishment for the skin if used 100% on its own, but are even more powerful and effective when blended with other ingredients.

Sweet Almond Oil

One of my favorite and also very popular carrier oils, is sweet almond oil – which is why this is on my list of 5 Handmade Beauty Essentials! Sweet almond oil is not to be confused with bitter almond oil…make no mistake! A fun fact about almonds is that they aren’t in fact a nut! The fruit from the almond tree has an outer hull with a hard shell inside, and inside of that you will find the seed — almonds! They come from the same family as peaches. Sweet almond oil suites pretty much all skin types, and can be applied safely at 100%.

Properties of Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis)

Sweet almond oil has so many benefits and is very popular in skin care and massage oils. Due to its popularity it’s easy to find in most health food stores. Here are a few benefits.

  • Has high levels of Vitamin A,B1,B2,B6 and Vitamin E.
  • Has protective and nourishing qualities.
  • High in mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids, (essential for the body to function).
  • Easily absorbed therefore it doesn’t feel oily or sticky, nor does it clog the pores.
  • Effective for a hair serum, treating split ends, dry hair, hair loss, or dull hair.

How To Use It

You can use it straight on your skin as is 100%, or you can add a few drops of essential oil to it for extra benefit. When used in combination with a butter and essential oil it will allow the consistency of your product to be thin or thick. (Basic body butter tutorial coming soon:-)

Next Post on 5 Handmade Beauty Essentials #2. Butter (barrier/emollient)

xx Lara

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