There’s No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes

rainy day's copyI remember loving the rain when I was little…I enjoyed it even more as an adventurous teenager – I would actually go out for walks with my friends just to get wet! Come a rainy day now and I’m like a stuck up cat I hate getting wet and when I do I am completely irritated that my toes are wet and I can’t play outside. Could it be old age?! Or maybe since joining motherhood I’ve lost my sense of child-like play and have incoherently opted for a more “responsible” don’t-get-sick-in-the-rain-mantra?

Having grown up for most of my life in hot climates, and over the course of time traveled to over 50+ countries some of which were hotter than the sun itself (or so it felt:-)) you may understand my dislike for wet, cold, and soggy weather. I spent a good bit of time in Italy – which is where I’m from, but before that the first 7 years of my life were spent in Asia, and then more recently 10 years in Africa. With that in mind maybe my joy of rain came from not seeing it that often, when it did come it came in torrential floods of monsoon rain! We didn’t mind though it was always a slight relief to have the air cooled down a bit.

Being outdoors is so important to me, I love nature, the warmth of the sun, the fresh colors, I mean who doesn’t! I’ve now found myself living for the past 4 years in a country that’s gorgeous and green but rains pretty much all the time, or so it seems. A good week is where it only rains twice – once for 3 day’s and once for 4 day’s! 🙂

Let’s face it, winter can put every mom with small children’s patience to the test. We assume the wet and cold outside is responsible for the never-ending snotty noses and spluttering coughs! The noise level in the house makes you certain you accidentally took the whole school back from school pick up, and that couch…well it doesn’t seem to have any spring left as it’s now become the indoor trampoline. The afternoon’s seem longer, darker and no amount of coffee seems to make it better…all we want is an early dinner and bed for the kids so we can finally relax, tuck into that nice glass of vino, and hibernate!

 The Importance of Outdoors For Children

Playing outdoors not only gets those little angels tired out, but also builds a strong immune system, strong bones, etc…an essential component for growing children just as much as eating is!  As I mentioned above we assume the cold is responsible for the never-ending dripping noses that we tend to stay in when in fact the culprit is the stuffy indoors where bacteria and flu’s are constantly circulating due to close proximity. Yes of course the outdoors can also be a guilty party if we’re already sick and badly dressed. This leads me to my final point!

There’s No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes

It’s easy when baby is young and we can strap them in the buggy with a nice rain protector and a cozy blanket, but as they become toddlers they need to move and play just as importantly as the older child. This is when it takes lots of patience, lots of dirty laundry (no, sadly not getting away from that task any time soon), and some good organization. I went out the other day with the kids in the rain to see what I need to do to make it a pleasant experience for no other than myself, as of course the kids were like pigs in poo…the dirtier the more exciting! The idea was we would walk around a bit in our local park which is home to a stunning Castle and gorgeous cafe/shop – Avoca (you want to look this place up), and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate! It’s a heavenly spot just a walk away from where we live I feel blessed to have it at my doorstep. To our disappointment we didn’t make it that far as this cute little stinker…Mr Ethan

ethan rain copy

…check out that little face, what a show off…well, this little man became man in charge and decided to take a full-on swim in the puddles! To be fair he’s just getting used to running in those bulky wellies so he fell a lot, but he was of course so excited that he had to bounce in every puddle to where he was so soaking wet we had to head straight for the car and skip out on our well earned hot chocolate! Not a pleasant experience after all as there was lots more cleaning for mommy, no desire of a repeat walk in the rain! Here is where organization is so important as clearly the kids had fun –  mommy lots of work. I’ve decided that I have to come to terms with the rain and not let it stop my love for nature so I made a little list of rain essentials to have on hand or in the car this way I can’t make any excuses and ruin all the fun and adventure.

Rain Essentials

For Mommy

  1. Wellies (trendy ones if it helps get you in them more)
  2. Cozy boot socks
  3. Rain jacket
  4. A sense of adventure and fun 🙂
  5. Umbrella

For The Children

  1. Wellies
  2. Rain jacket
  3. Rain pants (a must for toddlers as they fall down so easily as my little man did. If he had them on we could have continued on to the cafe!)

For The Car

  1. Extra set of pants just in case
  2. Box or bag for wellies and anything wet (this is for easy access and handy storage for small houses/apartments)

When my kids were just babies I would never go anywhere without my baby bag. Now rain essentials have taken over my “baby bag” in hopes of allowing me to always be prepared and organized. I am trying to adopt a there’s-no-bad-weather-only-bad-clothes-mantra instead.

What are your rain essentials and how do you make rainy outdoor play fun?

xx Lara

kaitlyn copy

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