10 Healthy Stocking Filler Idea’s

Stocking fillers 2Being the health nut that I am I can have the tendency to go über religious not wanting a single treat, sweet, or junk food anywhere near my family. I have found that this isn’t a good balance as it puts too much pressure on being “perfect” instead of enjoying life around you. The dilemma of what to do anytime an occasion comes along which contains copious amounts of sweets? Help!!  As a mom, do I relax and let my children enjoy a few chocolate treats and occasional fast food, or do I stay righteous and eat none?

Finding The Balance

I believe a small amount of sugar/junk is fine from time to time, and is practically unavoidable as our children attend birthday parties, play dates, get chocolate treats from Santa, friends, Grandparents at Christmas, etc. It seems the only way to ever avoid it is to never leave the house! At the end of the day, it is a tedious task to have to always face as a mom – especially a health nut mom!  My general rule is never to buy junk food in my weekly shopping but rather save the occasion for birthdays, parties and holiday celebrations – and the odd weak moment (yes, we all have those!). It just wouldn’t be practical to be 100% junk-free, as for my pantry staples though, there is no space for them as only healthy food is allowed to reside there, along with quality home baking! This way when my children have sweets or treats – they get the chance to enjoy them…or suffer with a tummy ache afterwards realizing for themselves why mommy doesn’t like them eating junk. Hard love! It’s so hard to be very strict all the time, and I’ll admit the standard in my house has been known to drop each time I get pregnant (I blame those late night food programs!), or when the winter is extra long and those chocolates are just crying out to be given some love and attention:-). With that said, balance both ways, has to be involved.

We Are What We Eat

At the end of the day we are what we eat, and if our children are constantly filling themselves up with junk food they may look okay now – but suffer later as adults. Unhealthy bones, obesity, rotten teeth, cholesterol and diabetes, are all the result of unhealthy eating. I believe it’s unpractical to say that we, or our children for that matter, will never ever eat sweets or junk food, we can however limit it to 90% of the time. If we keep our body strong with good food and plenty of exercise then it should be able to handle the occasional junk.

10 Healthy Stocking Filler Idea’s

Now back to my main topic of this post – healthy stocking fillers! Of course our kids will expect a bit of chocolate indulgence at Christmas, and I will definitely be putting a sweet or two inside, but a child doesn’t have to expect it to be full of junk unless we as parents put it in there in the first place. There is no need for avoidable upset stomachs over the holidays especially since there is already so much of it with the huge amount of dinners and parties over this busy season. When choosing what to put inside our Christmas stockings we have full control to still make healthy choices. It’s about quality not quantity and doesn’t have to all be something to eat.

Here is what I’m planning on putting in my children’s stockings this year.

  1. 1-2 quality chocolates – even better if organic and/or 70+% cocoa

  2. A fruit smoothie packet

  3. Nuts

  4. Fruit (I’ll be putting a few tropical fruits for my eldest as she grew up in a hot climate and is always asking me to buy them, so I thought this would be a nice surprise for her)

  5. A jar of Pickles! I know this sounds weird but my middle child is obsessed with pickles so I know she would find this one a good bit of fun.

  6. Travel size board game

  7. A small gift – I’m putting a little ring in each of my girls stockings and a small car in my boy’s one. This way they have something to keep busy with when I want to just relax during the day.

  8. A cozy pair of socks – no Christmas would be complete without a pair of cozy toes!

  9. Arts and crafts project – I’ve picked up a few craft kits for kids from my local craft shop, for example; make your own puzzle, sew your own pattern, etc. Just another thing to keep them occupied over the holiday’s.

  10. Fruit bars and liquorice from the health store.

What will you be putting in your stockings this Christmas? Are you a healthy nut like me and are constantly looking for a practical balance? I would love to learn your thoughts, tips and tricks!

xx Lara

Merry Christmas!

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