To My Other Half

To My Other half,

The month of February brings Valentine’s day to many, but to us it brings the memory of a very special day – February 16th – the day we vowed to stay together for better or for worse. We didn’t plan for it to be so close to Valentine’s day…remember how hard it was to get white flowers? The truth is we couldn’t have chosen a more romantic time of the year to bring back memories of our special day.

Since this month is all about love I dedicate this post to you, in recognition for the man you are, which has made me the woman I’ve become.

Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story….

Our love story began when fate crossed our paths many many years ago. I can’t say what was the most attractive things about you, your similar passion for travel and adventure, or those amazing eyes?

I believe we were laughing here at our silly fake tattoo’s we did just for fun.

Together we set out to explore the world and create memories never to be forgotten. As I look back through our photo’s I feel blessed to have shared with you so many crazy experiences and seen some of the best places this world has to offer…

From the Niagara Falls in Canada, to a bedouin tent in Dubai.

The bustling streets of Tokyo, to the calm of South Africa’s Table Mountain.

From the exotic Spice Trail of Zanzibar, to the mystical Egyptian Pyramids.

Together with our little family we continue to see the world – the Mayan Ruins of Mexico, the Berber Villages of Morocco, the stunning Window Azure of Malta, St Hilarions Castle in Cyprus, the Giant Causeway in Ireland…etc.

And the journey continues!

Because of you

I am a mother to these 3 amazing little angels…they are the highlight of my life!

10 things I love about you

  1. Your unique trichromatic eyes.
  2. That you’re one of the funniest guys I know, and still make me laugh even when I don’t want to at times!
  3. Your sense of adventure in travelling the globe and seeing what the world has to offer.
  4. That no is never an option, instead yes is always possible!
  5. How you always stop to help someone change their tire, or push their car to get more petrol.
  6. Your amazing sense of direction especially when we’re in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country.
  7. How you still sneak a peek in the mirror when I’m undressing.
  8. That you are not afraid to be present and supportive in childbirth!
  9. How you tell me everyday what healthy food choices you’ve made for lunch.
  10. How you’re not afraid of trying something new.

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.


You are my love, my life, my hero, and my truest friend…thank you for not giving up on me. Happy Anniversary!

xx Lara

2 thoughts on “To My Other Half

  1. Bilal Mansour

    Brilliant write up Lara! Sean and you deserve the best, happy anniversary. Happily married couples like us are becoming a rare breed, cherish each other and many happy returns. Big hugs, Bilal


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