How To Be a Bikini Goddess

 A beautiful body to me has always been about being strong, fit and healthy, not a skinny figure-less shape. But I’m just like any other woman,  deep down inside it feels like I need to attain that hour-glass, flab-free body, or else I won’t feel “qualified” to slip into a bikini. It seems that everywhere we turn these “perfect” body types are splashed right in front of our face on TV commercials, magazines, social media, bulletin board ads, even kids Barbie dolls for that matter. How can we not feel inferior?

But who am I fooling?  I know those “perfect” bodies I’m putting on a pedestal are only human and have concealed flaws just like any of us – hello Photoshop! Okay, I’m not talking about those gorgeous bombshell beauties who truly were blessed with flawlessness – I don’t know how they sleep at night! The rest of us mere mortals are left somewhat lacking. 🙂

What Does a Perfect Bikini Body Mean to You?

All the magic diets, potions, and pills in the world could not provide the answer we are looking for. If you were to ask me what a perfect bikini body means to me I would say it in one word alone…


Because confidence = perfect bikini body

No matter what body type you have if you strip down bare with confidence you will inevitably give off a beauty that bypasses any of your own perceived bodily flaws.

We all have them!

The 3 Step Bikini Confidence Program

It’s no surprise that gaining confidence comes with a bit of hard work and determination, just being born with it would be way to simple! 🙂 The biggest mistake most of us women make is not being happy with ourselves. We should accept that we’re not perfect and instead try to tweak a few things. We’re not trying to change our body to be perfect we’re only trying to get the confidence to feel good.

My 3 steps to gaining body confidence are: exercise, healthy eating, and skin care. Magic potions, diets and pills you are not on my list!

Step 1 Exercise

  • Aim to do 10-20 minutes of exercise everyday – even on the weekends.
  • Embrace the plank! It’s a wonder-working exercise that works the entire body. If you’re new to planking first learn how to align yourself in the proper position and then aim to hold in plank for at least 1 minute everyday. If you can squeeze in 5 minutes a day then you’re a champ!
  • When choosing an exercise plan go for quality rather than quantity. You’ll stick with it better, get less bored, and see better results.

Step 2 Eat Healthy

  • Forget dieting and starving yourself to get a skinny tummy, it’s all about portion control. Serve yourself a plate as if you were in a fine dining restaurant – remember they don’t serve seconds.
  • Avoid any and all carbonated drinks as this will only lead to bloating and orange peel skin.
  • Eat more brown rice! Brown rice is high in fibre which helps in eliminating unnecessary waste that is maybe being trapped in the body resulting in weight gain.
  • Please, please, oh please, do not forget to eat your complex carb’s. You aren’t doing your muscles or energy levels any favors by skipping out on the very needed carbohydrates your body needs for energy. Protein isn’t for energy, it’s for muscle growth and repair. If we leave out the healthy carb’s our muscles will suffer as protein will be used for energy instead. Our poor muscles will be left with very little nutrition.

Step 3 Take care of your skin

  • Healthy looking skin is so attractive and on the list for bombshell beauty. Drinking plenty of water will help your skin to look radiant and healthy, allowing you to look like a goddess on the beach!
  • Be sure to exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and improve circulation. No need for “air-brushing” your beach photo’s to make your skin look flawless…body brushing will do just fine!
  • Applying a natural body butter or body oil will make your skin look even more luxurious and it also gives added protection and moisture for your skin while in the sun allowing you to maintain a healthy looking glow.

Hello Perfect Body Goddess!

As soon as you start on my 3 Step Bikini Confidence Program you will undeniable start seeing changes in your body.  You’ll notice your legs looking more toned, your waistline sculpted, your posture improved, energy levels on the rise, and luscious looking skin. With all this you will now get that much need confidence to step into that little tiny bikini you felt “unqualified” to get into, ignoring all the small little imperfections you once thought were an issue, and you will now have that Perfect Bikini Body!

And you did it all on your own with basic healthy living!

“Confidence is beautiful, no matter your size, no matter your weight. Be confident in who you are and you’ll be beautiful! ” – Anonymous

xxx Lara

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