Let It Go

Letting goIt’s in my nature to want to mend or repair something that’s been broken, it could be a physical item or something intangible.

The truth is some things just can’t be fixed or solved.

I sometimes lie awake at night thinking and stressing out about a certain situation trying to find a solution of how I can remedy the problem or “make it go away”. It’s not wrong to care or to look for solutions to a problem, but when things are out of our control we somehow have to find the ability to let go and trust that all will be okay.

This is a constant challenge for me.

As I get older life seems to throw bigger and trickier problems my way in a sort of test to see how I’ll cope. I’m not too proud to admit that I break, crumble, and cry as I’m only human, but each time it seems to make me stronger, more humble, and less judgemental.

It’s impossible to fully understand a situation unless you’ve gone through it personally.

When living in Africa I would always tell people, nothing can prepare you for Africa but Africa itself! The beauty, the pain, the poverty, the hardship, the thrill!

You can only truly understand what Africa is all about by experiencing it firsthand – and this is why in life we have to go through an experience in order to grow.

How To Let Go Of People Or Situations In Your Life That Doesn’t Serve You Anymore

Keeping your life under control is important to an extent, but we only experience emotional well-being and enjoy the beauty of the moment by letting go of what we can’t control.

A few way’s to start us on our path of letting is by practicing mindfulness, meditation or taking up yoga.  

If I were to name a 3 stage process that I fall back on when trying to get through a situation it would be summed up in this quote below:

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”

1. Accept what is:

We can’t change what just happened so we may as well accept that it did. By accepting the circumstance and knowing that none of it defines who we are, we allow ourselves to let go.

2. Let go of what was:

It takes a lot of will power to let go of something, a job, a friend, bad habits, expectations, false beliefs, rigid ways of doing things, etc…it’s so easy to hold on to them instead.

My daughter came home one day with a mindfulness exercise she learned at school. It’s a simple yet very effective letting go exercise for both young and old. I sometimes use this method when I’m up at night worrying and thinking about a situation.

Balloon Meditation Exercise:

Imagine you’re holding a balloon in your hand, in the balloon is all your worries, fears, a situations a bad habit, or anything that you’re trying to let go of. You can fill up a few balloons if need be. When you’re ready – let it go. Watch it float up into the air travelling further and further away. Watch it till it gets so small you can’t see it anymore. Relax your shoulders, your neck, and feel all the worry and fears and whatever is on your mind float up and away in that balloon. You feel light, at peace, and ready to move on.

3. Have faith in what will be:

Sometimes we just have to believe in ourselves and in our purpose, knowing that whatever happened or will happen is for a reason and for a bigger purpose or life lesson. Holding on to whatever it is only holds us back from our bigger purpose and from the divine roll we’re meant to play in this life.

“Each morning we are born again, what we do today matters most.” Buddha

xx Lara

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