Hello From The Other Side


Sorry I couldn’t resist the title 🙂

Happy New Year!

I know it’s been several months since my last blog post but let me explain why. Some of you may or may not have known that over the summer our little family did a major life changing move. We packed up house in Ireland and moved to Dallas, Texas! New country, new job, new house, new school, new everything.

It was a HUGE change…literally speaking. To name a few of the changes I’ll start with the extreme summer heat, to the 6 lane highways, to driving on the other size of the road, to huge vehicles on the road that look like they should be in a “monster truck show”, the long distances, massive houses, and did I mention tornado’s!!!!!

Welcome to Texas

They didn’t lie when they said everything is big in Texas!! I’ll admit it was slightly overwhelming at first coming from the quaint little Emerald Island to experience the sheer size of all things Texas. We’re getting into the gear of things now and are so excited with our new surroundings and feel blessed that life has steered us in this direction. I can’t get enough of the warm air, bright skies, swimming pools & bbq’s, spacious houses, the gorgeous crimson sunsets, and can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!

Nobody Said It Was Easy

Has it been an easy ride? Not a chance. As with any big change things don’t just fall into place, they require pure dedication to wanting to make the change, the perseverance to make it happen, the courage to see through the hard days, and the patience to go through the settling in phase. Looking back at this year I can safely say it was a hard one but totally worth it. I always find it amazing how you can look back at a period in your life which you found hard and yet only remember the good times. Reminds me of childbirth!:-) A special thanks from me to my husband for putting in the hard work and time into making this move happen!! He’s tough as nails, and I love him for that!

Does Moving Get Any Easier?

I’ve been moving continents and countries since I was a baby. My first birthday was in India, we moved there when I was about 9 months old. From then on the life of a wanderlust/world traveler was my destiny. I love seeing what this gorgeous earth has to offer and to experience as many cultures as I can. You’d think that since I’ve done it my whole life it should be a piece of cake. Not really! I suppose it does come more naturally to me then it would to someone that hasn’t made a big move at all, but it’s still never easy and takes a lot of courage to step out of comfort zones and to start all over again. The hardest thing is leaving friends and family behind. Thank goodness for Facebook and Skype.

Change Is A Good Thing

Change is good for us though. I feel it makes me see things outside of the box. It helps me become a better person as I open myself up to learning something new instead of being stuck in my comfort zone. It makes me feel young and keeps my priorities straight. It has so many exciting benefits and opens up a whole new world with experiences and memories to treasure!

What change will you make this new year? No change is too small or unimportant in making your life or someone else’s a better place!

xxx Lara


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