To The Less Than Perfect Mom

I love being a mom, what’s not to love – that morning cuddle and good night kiss. That feeling of being needed by someone that is totally dependant on you, trusting blindly that you will be taking care of them. The laughs of funny words said while learning to talk, funny faces of flavors being tried for a first time. The fact that I get to watch this tiny thing that started out the size of a bean in my belly grow into a gorgeous person. The fact that I feel like a failure at times, but in my child’s mind I’m a super mom! What’s there not to love?

But suddenly there’s the daily routine that starts to get me down, the sleepless nights, the constant cleaning, the nagging…”eat your food”,”stop fighting with your sister”,”hurry you’ll be late for school”,”stop whining”, “no, you can’t have whatever you want from the store shelf”…etc, the list goes on, and I start to feel like a terrible incompetent mother because all I want to do is pass on my job to Supernanny!

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-working mom, or a career-working-mom, the highs and lows are pretty much the same. We feel guilty when those overwhelming feelings of frustration start taking over. I think I can safely say each and every mother out there feels this way at some point! We’re often made to think that just being good mother is not enough. The sooner we sit back and say “I am doing the best I can do” we get that second wind of courage and patience to continue this life long responsibility of motherhood.

To all you moms out there reading this who might be feeling tired, overwhelmed or frustrated…like I have been at times…and who need a little word of encouragement today, you are doing a brilliant job!

Being a mother fills you with joy and happiness, but it’s by far an easy job. The thing is, we can ever be perfect moms, only good moms. It may not be a salaried job, but its payment is pure honest love!

xx Lara


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