Friends For Life


I love travelling the world, experiencing a new life, new surroundings, new work, food, people, shops, nature. Travelling offers a plethora of new beginnings, and is good for the soul and helpful to the body. I wouldn’t change my wanderlust life for the world. I feel lucky and blessed to live the life I live.

Lonely Moments

As with anything amazing there is always a downside. The loss of friendships –not so much a loss of friendship, but rather the sad distance of being physically separated from the touch, scent, or warmth of that special person. Tears inevitably flow at times from the separation anxiety, or the absence of the all-important reassurance of knowing you can meet anytime for a quick coffee and casual chat. When life is tough you know there is a shoulder to cry on, or a gentle listening ear, or simply that they will be there to offer you a few words of comfort…to make you feel important. The absence of a close friend is a hard thing to face when moving to a new country.

New Beginning’s

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as a new dawn arises so do the possibilities of finding new friends. The world is full of like-minded souls ready for paths to meet and start new friendships with. It’s not about having many friends it’s about finding the right friends. And friends are important in life. They keep you feeling safe, settled, and comforted when you are a long way from “home”.

I remember a few years back when my husband and I were looking for a house. The sales agent that was showing us this particular house –for some strange reason –said that this wouldn’t be the house for me as it didn’t have loads of neighbors around to whom I could go out and chat with. He got me thinking to myself, “Hang on, you don’t know me. I’m not the kind of person that needs to be surrounded by busy bodies who want to gossip and chat about what that person up the street is doing. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just not what’s important to me. All I need is a real friend. Someone that I feel a connection with. It’s not about how many friends I can have. Just the right ones. And if they happen to be on my street all the better!”

What Does A Friend Mean To You?

I’ve learned a lot about friendships in my recent years –call it maturity or a sudden appreciation for true friendship. I’ve learned that with some it takes years to find common ground with or to even truly get to know. With some you think you know them until suddenly you realise all too soon that you totally misjudged them, their character, and maybe being friends with them will be a bad idea –toxic!  With others I’ve found an immediate bonding with that no distance, nor time, could ever change the connection between us. It could be years between seeing them with only a few words of communication in between, but once reunited the kindred spirits come together as if there were never time or distance. This is true friendship.

Travelling and Friendship

What I have found fascinating in my years of  travelling is the fact that I have friends all over the place who I can reconnect with or who can connect me with good friends of theirs. I find it comforting knowing I’m not entirely alone in a new country, and I embrace the possibilities of making new memories with new like-minded people –always keeping those I hold dear who are far away in my thoughts and close to my heart.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. And it is only by this meeting, that a new world is born. – Anais Nin

xx Lara

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