2Honey & Oat Face Mask/Scrub

Recently I’ve started a little “girlie” weekly ritual with my eldest daughter. She’s nearing her teenage years and has started getting interested in taking care of her skin and hair which makes this not only a great mom and daughter one-on-one moment but also a time to pass on a little skin care education! I’m glad that I started to take the time to do this with her as it also allows me the opportunity to be able to take care of myselfRead More.


5 Handmade Beauty Essentials #1. Carrier/Base Oil

Natural skin care is not only better for your skin, but costs less, is fun to make, and gives you the opportunity to be “chemical-free!” Convinced at all? I promise you that once you start on the path of natural skin care you will never go back! Of course there are plenty of products out there that are 100% natural for purchase (Layali Skin care is very good:-) — but if you’re like me and like a bit of DIY then here is my list of 5 Handmade Beauty Essentials to get you started. I’ll be posting them in 5 different posts so be sure to stay reading…Read More

 The “Lucious Hair Guide” – By Two Sisters

Here is a quick guide for hair maintainance or for those of you who may be trying to grow your hair out. Bad hair day’s aside, healthy looking hair can be obtained through natural, simple and easy steps.  Weak and brittle hair is often the result of health problems, poor diet and the overuse of chemicals, so you may be doing everything just fine on the outside, but as with anything if the inside is suffering chances are the outside will be suffering too…Read More



coffee salve2Beauty Benefits Of Coffee

This post comes from a personal “motherhood-tips-and-tricks” department (but it’s equally beneficial for anyone interested in anti-ageing, anti-cellulite, anti-sagging, etc). It’s no secret that your body changes after having a baby either from pregnancy or breastfeeding. As a proud mom of 3 gorgeous children…I wouldn’t exchange it for the world! It’s something that we as women just have to deal with and it’s a constant struggle to find the right balance of “mommy life” as well as taking care of our body…Read More


7 Easily Available Superfoods For The Skin

Who doesn’t want beautiful glowing skin? And why do we always think that it’s attained solely by slapping on some cream and make-up? (lots of make-up at times;-) Sure that works temporarily, but the secret to good skin starts from the inside. By adding a few “Super Foods” to our daily or weekly diet we can in fact attain more long-term glowing and healthy looking skin. Water is of course a given and a good place to start. It’s free and readily available…Read More


Ultra Beauty Balm_edited - CopyWhat’s Inside That Jar?

Many a skin care product would claim its product is superior quality to it’s competitor’s, offering you infinite youth and wrinkle-free beauty! You would be happy to spend any large sum on such priceless beauty especially if it promised to wipe away those wrinkles that have been creeping in. But does it speak truth? Or, is it all just a big marketing ploy? Fancy wording, shiny packaging, and scientific “claims” have us believing anything…Read More


Christmas Gift DIY

I’m a big fan of DIY…in case you haven’t noticed by now. Even more of a fan when it comes to little gifts. Maybe it’s because I get a bit confused when going shopping for a gift. The big dilemma always is, “what on earth should I get”? ( I blame that on my indecisive side:-)) Or maybe it’s because I’m looking for that unique kind of gift…a bit of DIY with a personal touch…Read More.

Honey How Hippy Are You Willing To Go

“Honey…how hippy are you willing to go,”…my husband replied when he asked why I was taking a bottle of honey into the shower with me! I had told him I was planning on washing my hair with it! Strange, I know. I too was a bit skeptical when first reading that you could use it to wash your hair. You ask me what led me to this crazy idea? My scalp suddenly seemed to be in a phase of “distress”, ( I blame it on the hard water we have over where I live) and conventional shampoo just seemed to be making it worse…Read More


oil cleansingOil Cleansing 

Oil cleansing is a gentle but very effective way to cleanse the face. Our bodies produce to oil to help moisturize, heal, and protect the skin. Mainstream products are filled with chemicals, soap, fragrances,… etc, that “strip” the skin of  its natural oils, resulting in our largest organ (the skin) having to work overtime to repair itself by producing more oil to replace the oil that’s just been stripped away. The result is often an “over production” of oil….Read More

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