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Notice: This page is under construction and will be up and running in 2016! We look forward to seeing you then.


Why use Layali Skin Care?

       Layali’s skincare ingredients are natural vegetable oils & butter, mildly scented with natural essential oils.

      You may initially be a bit wary of using anything with the word “oil” in it on your skin or face. But let’s not forget that oil is in fact our friend. It’s responsible for protecting, nourishing, and moisturizing our skin. It keeps our skin young and supple, without it we would probably look like shriveled prunes!

      Our skin produces sebum (oil) which gives the skin moisture and protection from ageing. When we strip that away using harsh chemicals and soaps on the face & body, we’re only forcing our sebaceous glands to work unnecessarily by “over-producing” oils on the skin.

The Long & Short:

      The epidermis (skin) is the largest organ in our body, absorbing more than 60% of what we put on it. While “safe” measures of preservatives are used in conventional skincare products, how “safe” is it really when added to the list of products we would use on a daily basis? Take for instance the family of ‘Parabens’. The amount put into your bottle of cream may be deemed “safe”, but then take that amount plus the amount in your foundation, add that next to your mascara, soap, cleanser, hair products…etc, the list just goes on. Add that all up, and I’m sure we will have reached an “un-safe” amount. Research has found high amounts of parabens in breast cancer patients.
Oops..I don’t want that in my body if I can help it.

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