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My personal obsession for yoga stretches further than inversions, down dogs, and lion’s breath! Instead it’s my daily cornerstone for finding peace of mind, balance, and strength as I set my intentions for the day preparing mind and body. My journey with it began long ago, but it only truly began a little while ago!

Let It Go

It’s in my nature to want to mend or repair something that’s been broken, it could be a physical item or something intangible.The truth is some things just can’t be fixed or solved.I sometimes lie awake at night thinking and stressing out about a certain situation trying to find a solution of how I can remedy the problem or “make it go away”. It’s not wrong to care or to look for solutions to a problem, but when things are out of our control we somehow have to find the ability to let go and trust that all will be okay…Read More

How To Be A Bikini Goddess

A beautiful body to me has always been about being strong, fit and healthy, not a skinny figure-less shape. But I’m just like any other woman, deep down inside it feels like I need to attain that hour-glass, flab-free body, or else I won’t feel “qualified” to slip into a bikini…Read More

Confessions Of A Green Tea Drinker

I’ve sat down to write this post with a cup of tea in hand – none other than green tea. If my facial expressions were any indication of my enjoyment of this tea you would assume instead that I must have just smelt poo as my face has is puckered up due to the lingering after taste on the back of my tongue. It’s safe to say I’m no fan of the flavor, and in all honesty I REALLY don’t like green tea, but I drink about 2-3 cups a day…Read More

My Gratitude Journal

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday so I decided to give myself a challenge for this next year — a Gratitude Journal! If you know me you would know that I love to make challenges and set goals, big or small. I like to mix them up a bit throughout the year this way I feel constantly challenged and accomplished. Remember no challenge is too small! …Read More

21 Day’s

Society has spread a common myth that it takes 21 day’s to make or break a habit. My analytical self questions the idea that this random number was just picked out of a hat and has fast become a trend. Scientists have proven this myth true as in some study cases behavioral change took place within a 3 week period. So is it a myth or fact, and does it serve a purpose?…Read More

Midnight Goal Setting

It’s 1:00 in the morning and I’m wide awake! I should have gone straight to sleep as I’m exhausted after spending a whole day being physically active. I scrubbed my house from the inside out, mowed the lawn, dug out the weeds, and did the back bending job of scrubbing every inch of my patio. Not to mention running around after my 3 kids, seeing to their every needs!…Read More

Finding Balance In Your New Years Resolutions

Joseph Hubertus Pilates, founder of Pilates training was a huge advocate in the importance of balancing mind and body. His theory was very simple, he believed that neither the mind nor the body is stronger. They can not work alone but together in order to attain complete balance…Read More

7 Habit For Healthy Living

Here are 7 Habits for the Mind, Body & Soul that I try to put into daily practice, allowing me to feel fulfilled and healthy! For the mind – go for a walk and see the colors of nature, the sky, the sea, the earth.

…Read More

Fit Kids-Importance of An Active Family Unit

With childhood obesity on the rise, we as parents have a huge responsibility in keeping our children fit and healthy. Instilling good habits from a young age — raising “Fit Kids” through an “Active Family Unit” will have a huge impact on them for the rest of their life, and may even influence their outlook and the decisions they make….Read More

Color Me Beautiful

Color therapy is part of a range of “Holistic Therapies” – a type of alternative healing based on color, to create balance and health in the human system. Have you ever woken up and put on an outfit with a color you thought looked great on you one day but on this particular day it just doesn’t seem to be working? This is where I believe color therapy has definitely been at play. Different colors can indicate a feeling, a mood, a longing for…Read More

HIIT Fitness

You may be like me, a busy mom at home who is trying to juggle the daily domestic tasks, whilst keeping the larger “tsunami” type messes the kids make under control, all the while trying to keep an eye on them making sure they’re not getting into anything they shouldn’t be getting into . Yes, as I type this, my 1-year-old boy is currently with toothpaste in mouth, eating it like it’s nobody’s business (wait, didn’t I just feed him lunch?!). Speaking from a “day in a mom’s life” point of view, we all know how tiring motherhood can be, with not many opportunities to sit down or even enjoy a cup of coffee in peace!…Read More

Nature’s Stress Busters

Before I share with you my favorite essential oils for dealing with stress, and a few way’s you can use them, let’s first analyze that big, bad, but ever so commonly known word — “Stress”. Can we avoid it or at least minimize its existence? And just how bad does it affect us, hindering our attempts at a healthy mind and body. Times sure have changed as far as the cause of stress. Long long ago, the causes of stress were probably due to survival — protecting ones self from harsh elements (hoping that mud hut holds up!) …Read More

20 Minutes Is All It Takes

The journey of staying fit can be our worst nightmare or bring us sheer enjoyment. (Hopefully the latter) But what are the tricks to breaking that cycle of feeling lazy, unchallenged and basically making every excuse of why we can’t exercise? Personally, I think the secret is consistency. Finding ways to stay active throughout the day as well as making time for 20 minutes of something a bit more intense…Read More

A Healthy Waistline

It’s safe to say as a women we are well acquainted with the fact that it comes in different shapes and sizes! Some were born with the waistline being naturally smaller and others a bit more endowed. The struggle of maintenance, post-baby “sag”, weight fluctuation, etc … has been on a women’s mind for some, if not for most of our existence:-(…Read More

It’s Not All or Nothing

I used to think it was all or nothing when it came to putting my mind to just about anything! I’m not sure if I changed my mind when I started having children…realizing time was too short to obsess about the little details? In my opinion healthy living is about keeping a balance of “health freakishness” to “practicality/compromise”. I try to follow a 70/30%. I think as with everything in life we can get caught up with perfection to where we obsess about all our decisions and goals, inevitably missing out on the fun life has to offer…Read More

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