A Moment Never to be Forgotten

The Element of Surprise

The 2nd of June 2016, brought the surprise of the year. An opportunity of a lifetime. A moment never to be forgotten.

Two of my brothers and I decided to fly from Canada, and the U.S, all the way to Italy, to surprise our grandparents on their 60th Anniversary. Of course, this was an opportunity to surprise the whole family.  The relatives, uncles, aunts, mom, dad, sister, and friends of the family – the only ones in the know were our other 2 brothers. We figured the fewer that knew, the more the surprise!

The 60th Anniversary Surprise

We arrived a day or two before. Just enough to nurse a day of jet lag. On the day of the anniversary we snuck into the refreshment room where one by one each person attending started trickling in. Our mother and sister, were the first faces to walk in – and this is the priceless moment – the look of shock, filled with a teary eye of joy, felt by a pounding heart of excitement as we jumped to hug each other. Dad has always been cool as a cucumber, but he too was touched by the surprise. And Nonna (grandma), she looked like she saw a friendly ghost. In her speech she mentioned we were the 3 kings!

Oh, what an amazing and epic day that was, and will continue to be replayed in our thoughts and minds for day’s to come. Thanks to our others half’s for taking on the job of homestead, enabling us to make this monumental surprise.

The Family Reunion


Needless to say this event was doubled up with a family reunion. For a family of 8 to get together from all parts of the world was something to be treasured – and organised. We spent the next few day’s, talking, laughing, catching up on stories, and filled our bellies with delicious Italian food.

There really is nothing like family. Family is where life begins, and one of the most important things in life. Family stands beside you when times are tough.

It’s hard not living near family and you definitely feel the absence when reunited. I’m blessed to say that I have one of those families that enjoy each day, each minute, each second, spent together. We’re all very different in our own way, and do disagree from time to time, but overall time spent together is pure gold.



Family, like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one. –Anonymous

xx Lara

2 thoughts on “A Moment Never to be Forgotten

  1. Anna

    difficult to put into words the surprise of the year (one of the biggest I experienced in my life!), but you did a good job at it. The pictures are also amazing!


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